What happens when you bring together the unexpected? When you combine strength with sweetness? The rebellious with the refined?

The result is something surprisingly beautiful and truly original.

Adrian’s Tequila Vanilla is a creator of moments, of connections, of unique and unrepeatable experiences. Meeting with friends.

Those you’ve just met, those you’ve known forever and those you’re about to meet.

Unexpected encounters, laughs, a good story or just pure, carefree fun. A meetup full of passion. Raise your glass and feel the connection.

Adrian harvests the Mexican vanilla on his farm and develops a secret elixir as the base for Adrian's Tequila Vanilla.

In the JALISCO region around the town of TEQUILA, the AGAVE plant is cultivated and harvested after 6-7 years.

We only use 100% Mexican vanilla and 100% Mexican blue agave for the tequila.

This is done by the Concejo…. Strictly controlled in Mexico.

Around 200 distilleries in the Jalisco region have the government’s approval to produce tequila.

We have chosen the Hacienda De Oro as our exclusive producer for Adrian’s Tequila Vanilla.

For more than three generations, the agaves of the Hacienda de Oro have been growing and ripening on the volcanic soil, which gives the agave its typical herbal aroma.

Hacienda De Oro produces our tequila based on its long history in close collaboration with ADRIAN.

Depending on its variety, the tequila matures in a barrel of French oak for different periods of time, where the harmonious aroma is developed.

A true Mexican experience.

This is the core of Adrian’s Tequila Vanilla.
100% authentic through the use of ingredients.

Before bottling, Adrian tastes the Tequila Vanilla together with his parrot in the distillery.

Parrots also like Tequila Vanilla!