Our Dream

The Hochleitner/Harisch family from Austria has been intensively involved with vanilla for several generations.

The path led the family to the origin of VANILLA in Paplanta in Mexico.

On Adrian’s farm, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the vanilla orchid, a dream took shape – a dream to create a unique product that the world had not seen before – Tequila Vanilla.

Adrian’s vision was to unite the attracting opposites of two important plants of Mexican culture harmoniously.

The feminine and harmonious note of vanilla combined with the strong masculine power of agave as an expression of the soul, passion, and traditions of Mexico.

Our Secret

Our Brand

Spirited, charming and optimistic. Full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination, the Matchmaker has a knack for bringing people together.

Adrian’s Tequila Vanilla connects people across cultures and worldviews, showing us the power of personal connection and opening us up to new worlds.

We believe

  • Connecting with others is one of life’s greatest joys.
  • Differences are divine.
  • The more we share, the more we have.

Based on a true and exciting, a new brand is being created - “ADRIAN’S TEQUILA VANILLA”

Historically, Austria and Mexico had many points of contact and interaction.

In 1842, Austria and Mexico established their diplomatic relations with the signing of a Treaty of Friendship and Commerce. This was followed by the time of Emperor Maximilian to Frida Kahlo.

However, the strongest connection between the two countries lies in their strong sense of culinary culture – to enjoy high quality food and beverages.

Austria & Mexico

White Gold Academy & Silent Angel

Supporting others achieving their dreams.

The objective of the ‘White Gold Academy - Silent Angel' association is to provide access to education and vocational training, as well as employment opportunities, for young people from disadvantaged regions of the world.

We all have a social responsibility in this world. Through the association 'White Gold Academy - Silent Angel' we strive to live up to our social responsibility and to help leave the world a little better than we found it.

Making connections with the world around us is the motto of Adrian’s Tequila Vanilla.

Adrian’s Tequila Vanilla strengthens connections between cultures, world views and people.

By adding Adrian's Tequila Vanilla in Café Mexicano, combining it with a sweet dessert or through new creations of Adrian's Tequila Vanilla Margarithas, new friendships and connections are created.

Our Motto

Our Parrot

The parrot, as a symbol of the Alebrijes, represents our intentions and goals. It symbolizes the connection of people across cultures and worldviews.

When the parrot begins the day it stands in front of the mirror and speaks ‘Tequilla Vanilla’ in a universal language, understood by everyone.

Everyone looks up at the parrot, and a mischievous smile appears on his face.